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Salsa verde (guasacaca)

Green beans and cukes are done; kale, collards and chard are perfect right now. The new plantings of broccoli rabe and arugula are slowly coming up. With daylight hours on the wane, the remaining tomatoes are not ripening, and frost … Continue reading

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One pickle at a time

Because of the mild winter and untimely warm days before the equinox, ramps were up early in our region. Instead of the usual April 15 to early June; we started harvesting in early March. But my inner ramp calendar has … Continue reading

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Pumpkin hummus with chickpea crackers

Old friends have moved to Greenwich and we are delighted to have them here. They now live at the far end of the village, a perfect walking distance with just enough of a hill to make a visit to them … Continue reading

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Grilled vegetable Napoleon

For grilled vegetables I like a hibachi or other small grill – tabletop or freestanding, it suits my outdoor grilling space.  Still, big box stores often lure me with the curbside proximity to those gleaming stainless monsters with side burners, … Continue reading

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Crispy ramp and cracked pepper flatbread

Call it flatbread, roti (or chapati), Podpłomyk, piadini, manna or crisp bread. It’s really more like a cracker. Make it with rye flour and you get Finn bread or Wassa.  Cover it with sautéed onions and bacon before baking and … Continue reading

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Ramps in Bloom

If you haven’t had a chance to discover this for yourself: ramps stink. Oniony aromas expand in the kitchen as you clean and cook them. I never put them in the trashcan because the smell will fill the house. And … Continue reading

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The mushroom, of course.

My enchantment with mushrooms started a few years ago when I found a large patch of chanterelles growing in the woods near the village. Since then I’ve been foraging in unsettled places looking for wild food. Then a couple years I … Continue reading

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