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Forage and garden: bitter-sweet and homemade amaro

Having spent a full day indoors at the computer, the time has come to mix a cocktail (a rye Manhattan with both sweet and dry vermouth and a splash of Cocchi Vermouth di Torino) and walk in the remaining warmth … Continue reading

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Grilled vegetable Napoleon

For grilled vegetables I like a hibachi or other small grill – tabletop or freestanding, it suits my outdoor grilling space.  Still, big box stores often lure me with the curbside proximity to those gleaming stainless monsters with side burners, … Continue reading

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The quick tart cocktail

June 30, 2011 A shot of  chilled vodka, a shot of Aperol, the juice of half a lime, and  4 or 5 ice cubes. If you have a fresh grapefruit that would be perfect now, juice half of it and … Continue reading

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A rhubarb rubric

I’ve neglected rhubarb season for weeks while I was digging ramps, and getting the garden beds ready for planting. I built two new raised beds (for beans, snap peas and asparagus) and I moved the kitchen garden bed after the … Continue reading

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Bourbon, cubed

It’s April 11th, with disorientingly high outdoor temperatures anticipating summer, we’re making ice. David had dreamed up the perfect shape for ice in his glass of bourbon – round. So I went on-line looking for large spherical ice molds. I … Continue reading

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