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Fast pork tenderloin stir-fry

I’m trying to shift gears to lower fats and less sugar – an urgency that seems to reassert itself every spring, before vacations, and just as the holidays begin. For years I’ve been focusing on whole grains and fresh local … Continue reading

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Country Terrine 
(Pâté de Compagne)

Every other Christmas or so, thinking I will host some large holiday gathering, I get it into my mind to make a pâté de compagne (country pâté). As it’s a rather rustic item, it isn’t terribly complicated but the nuance … Continue reading

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Collard greens for a cold winter’s night

It’s been almost a year since I became a convert to collard greens. I love most greens and I grow a big kitchen bed of multi-colored Swiss chard and lacinato kale along with salad greens but collards always seemed more … Continue reading

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Simple oven-roasted chicken breasts (bone in)

I admit it – I like the crispy skin of a roasted chicken (or turkey, duck, or goose). I might prefer it to the actual meat. I know it’s healthier to eat skinless chicken, but sometimes, I want an old-fashioned … Continue reading

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