Greenwich Meal Time

Boating from Capri to Positano July 2010

My name is Barbara and I live in a small upstate New York village called Greenwich (pronounced Green Witch).

For years I’ve been wandering in the woods, foraging, cooking and writing about it. Keeping an electronic journal of the seasons and gardening, I would send emails to friends, and post menu descriptions on Facebook.

Greenwich Meal Time is my journal of recipes, seasonal foods, and eating experiences (a central part of vacations and travel experiences). It’s a place to collect ideas and develop recipes, share food sources, and all sorts of musings about cooking and eating well.

Recipes come from many sources of inspiration – what’s at the market, what’s in my fridge and pantry, what do I crave? Like many food lovers, I have an overly large cookbook and food magazine collection. I look at them less and less as I turn more often to food blogs and online recipe resources. I derive a lot of inspiration from dining in exceptional restaurants when I travel with my husband, David Greenberger.

The recipes are all tested in my own kitchen (sometimes multiple times) and they are usually flexible so you can cook with what you have available in your region. I know that many people want to cook more but feel they don’t have the time (or energy) for it, so many recipes utilize time saving techniques.

For ingredients I focus primarily on natural, whole foods from the garden, Farmers’ Markets, Co-ops, natural food markets and foraging. I recently made (remade) a commitment to change the way I eat – motivation drawn from necessity. At mid-life I can no longer consume the number calories I used to and maintain a stable weight. But my body still needs all the nutrition, and I want the excitement I always derived from great eating. This mean less animal products, minimizing extra fats, skipping white breads, and reducing all sugar/sweeteners. So I lean toward vegetarian cooking at home. In restaurants I allow myself to be the hedonist I am at heart. I also admit to a lifelong love affair with sweets. Sometimes you have to eat cake.

About Barbara

Barbara Price has been baking and cooking since she was a child, foraging in the woods around her suburban childhood home for low bush blueberries, and gathering up the fallen apples around the ornamental trees in the front yard. She has been a hospitality manager for concert venues in New York City, a professional caterer,  baker, waitress, party planner, artist manager, booking agent, and gardener. Currently she divides her time unevenly between being a visual artist and writer, a community activist, as well as freelance book editor.

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