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Homemade food gifts for Christmas

There are many affordable sweet pleasures to make at home, with a little time, a few pieces of equipment (or containers) and appealing packaging materials. As rewarding as making your own gifts is deeply gratifying, so can scaling back expectations (and … Continue reading

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Rhubarb Salsa

All spring I’ve been trying to come up with rhubarb recipes, something with minimal to no sugar. I’ve marveled that most uses of rhubarb involve copious amounts of sugar. It’s a vegetable; surely there was some way to use it … Continue reading

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Eat shoots and leaves

My nephew Tom DeSimone has been writing a blog about thinking deeply and living simply in Gardiner, NY. His most recent posting referred to a dinner of wild garlic mustard pesto and a side of hosta shoots. Hostas? I went … Continue reading

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The Ramp Goddess

When I am at a really great concert I often get a flood of my own visionary ideas. There’s some connection about being moved by another’s inspired outpouring, someone working at a high creative and intuitive level that provokes from … Continue reading

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Simple oven-roasted chicken breasts (bone in)

I admit it – I like the crispy skin of a roasted chicken (or turkey, duck, or goose). I might prefer it to the actual meat. I know it’s healthier to eat skinless chicken, but sometimes, I want an old-fashioned … Continue reading

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Butter Poaching Liquid (a variation on Beurre Monté)

A technique for delicately cooking fresh fish Inspired by Thomas Keller’s The French Laundry Cookbook (Artisan, 1999). Check out the French Laundry recipe for preparing butter poached lobsters. Butter poaching yields a tender, delicate fish. It’s especially great to … Continue reading

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