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Baking wheat-free: grind your own grains

The web is full of gluten-free posts, but for many of us it isn’t the gluten but some other aspect of wheat (and I’m researching this to post later) that cause our problems. For me it isn’t celiac or digestive discomforts that … Continue reading

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Saffron Coconut Sablés

Saffron Coconut Sablés (butter cookies) encrusted with nuts This year’s new Christmas cookie is another one for the more sophisticated palette, as addictive as your favorite homey cookies of yore but also perfect to serve at the end of an … Continue reading

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Stonefruit Almond Cake

Plums, peaches, nectarines, cherries, and berries. With frequent visitor both planned and spontaneous, plus picnics and BBQs with friends, seasonal desserts  featuring fresh local fruit are a great treat – just add ice cream. And as evenings are getting cooler … Continue reading

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Oatmeal Brulée

Oatmeal brulée is today’s breakfast. Nowhere as sweet as the classic crème brulée dessert, it’s festively suitable for a party of 6 people or a crowd for brunch, or when you are serving a special breakfast in bed to your … Continue reading

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Cornmeal Lemon Cake

  An upside down skillet cake made with yogurt This upside down cake combines the sticky, crunchiness of a sugar-glaze with  cornmeal and lemon made extra moist with yogurt.  The intensity of citrus can be enhanced with lemon extract. Without … Continue reading

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Pumpkin hummus with chickpea crackers

Old friends have moved to Greenwich and we are delighted to have them here. They now live at the far end of the village, a perfect walking distance with just enough of a hill to make a visit to them … Continue reading

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The mushroom, of course.

My enchantment with mushrooms started a few years ago when I found a large patch of chanterelles growing in the woods near the village. Since then I’ve been foraging in unsettled places looking for wild food. Then a couple years I … Continue reading

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