Holiday dinner for old friends/new neighbors

Old friends have moved to Greenwich and we are delighted. They now live at the far end of the village, a perfect walking distance with just enough of a hill to make a visit to them an aerobic exercise. Their plans for their plot of land include the planting of a small orchard and developing of both parterre and potage gardens. They are stimulating conversationalists- based on their wide-ranging interests (plein air painting, fishing, dressage, gardening, cooking, artists books and urban planning (for big and small towns) and old time ways for the 21st century.) Come spring we’ll go for some wild walks on the property to see how good the foraging is.

Both are eating a low fat diet, emphasizing whole grains while deemphasizing animal products. As a host I love the challenge to design a menu that meets the needs of my guests of honor, while being completely (and surprisingly) satisfying to the rest of the guests. It tests my creativity and gets me to try some foods I might not otherwise explore. Most items are fine for vegans and the gluten intolerant. Recipes with photos will follow in the week ahead.

The menu:

To start

–Pumpkin Hummus with peppered chickpea crackers

–Sweet potato latke with quince apple sauce

–Spiced crab cakes with harrissa

At the table:

– A red salad of roasted beets, radicchio, red leaf lettuce, cranberries and berry balsamic vinaigrette

The main:

– Farro and roasted butternut squash with caramelized onions  fresh chevre

– A warm slaw of three cabbages, carrots, Brussels sprouts, green apple and pumpkin seeds

and dessert:

Raspberry granita, vanilla coconut milk ice cream, and my blue ribbon cherry almond biscotti


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