Bourbon, cubed

It’s April 11th, with disorientingly high outdoor temperatures anticipating summer, we’re making ice. David had dreamed up the perfect shape for ice in his glass of bourbon – round. So I went on-line looking for large spherical ice molds. I came up with a source, and showed him, but he clarified – round, as in a disc. The shape of the low ball (aka rocks glass or “old fashioned”) determines the shape of the ice. I considered filling the glass with an inch of water and freezing it but quickly shifted gears when I noted I have a small plastic storage container that could serve our purpose.

With only one of us requiring disc-shaped ice, we make one at a time, refilling the container after each use. I am more than happy to have my two trays of mini cubes, perfect for my preferred vessels for cocktails – a champagne glass – combining some form of sparkling wine with the bitters of the moment and a splash of juice.

Coming up: Aperol Betty – a combination of Aperol aperitivo, prosecco and grapefruit juice.


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